Terms and Conditions

Article 1 - Definitions

  1. Terms and Condition: these Terms and Conditions, regardless of the form which they are made known.
  2. HearthCraft/Server: The owner of the Minecraft server.
  3. Client: the person to whom the offer of HearthCraft is meant for, with whom HearthCraft has made an agreement, under which products are delivered to the party. The Client must be at least eighteen (16) years old or have permissions from a parent and/or legal guardian. 
  4. Product/Products: all the offers, agreements or any other acts between HearthCraft and the Client.
  5. Agreement: every mutual acceptance, that is confirmed in writing or per e-mail, regarding the Products of HearthCraft.

Article 2 - Offers and Agreements

  1. All offers of HearthCraft are non-committal, unless indicated otherwise.
  2. All Products of HearthCraft are valid indefinitely, unless indicated otherwise.
  3. Agreements are being made when the Client accepts the HearthCraft-made offer or when HearthCraft begins with processing the order.
  4. HearthCraft has a no "money back" policy. The Client has reviewed the Product before buying the Product. When Client files a charge-back, Client will be permanently removed from any service related to the Network.
  5. HearthCraft remains the rights to decline a payment at any time. In case a payment is declined, the paid sum will be refunded minus transaction fees.
  6. HearthCraft remains the rights to change the prices of a product at any given time without the consent of the Client. No additional payment has to be made and/or no money will be refunded in case of a price alteration of a Product. However, if HearthCraft decides to alter the contents of a product, the Client will keep the contents that was displayed to the Client at the time of purchase.

Article 3 - Liability of HearthCraft

  1. HearthCraft is only liable if HearthCraft intentionally committed a shortcoming according to the Terms and Conditions. The Client must send a written message to HearthCraft with an exact description of the shortcoming so that HearthCraft can respond with an answer and/or solution
  2. HearthCraft won't be liable during indirect damage, including consequential damages, lost profits, lost savings and damages
  3. HearthCraft won't be liable when by any reason whatsoever the right to play on the Network is halted. This includes; being banned, loss of account, being hacked, closing of the Server, not being able to join the Network when the Network is full or any other reason which might prevent the Client from playing on the Server.
  4. HearthCraft won't be liable when the Client from Article 1 Paragraph 3 is younger than eighteen (16) years old and bought a Product without the permissions of a parent and/or legal guardian of the Client.