Welcome to the official webstore of HearthCraft! Here you can buy in-game ranks and others for real-life currency. All the ranks you can find here are semi pay-to-win, meaning that despite it giving advantage to donators, the difference is minimal and regular players can still have the best experience in the non-competitive server. We hope you have the best experience on the server!


The Minecraft multiplayer industry is full of servers that are created for the sole purpose of business.  Most of the time, these servers get out of hand by blatantly making their playerbase, which I should say are mostly people under the age of 18, addicted to pay-to-win items like crates, ranks, etc. We acknowledge that fact. Despite having pay-to-win items on our store, we seriously do not want to become one of those servers.  Please only donate if you truly wish to support the server, and don't let HC become a financial burden for you.

Payment Methods

We only accept PayPal as a method of payment at the moment. Your donations will be used to fund the server in order to have better RAM, plugins, etc. Please make sure that you entered the correct username before you purchase anything to avoid further problems.

Server Expenses

Every month, the server needs to pay $124 for hosting, $1.5 for web hosting, $20for the webstore, $1.8 for backup services, and sometimes a bit more when we buy plugins. That equates to around $150 per month.  The donations we get are used to pay for these  expenses, and we actively try to optimize the server to lower these expenses. 

Reward for Top Donator

The top donator of every month will have a 1-month access to the MVP rank, which has /kittycannon, an exclusive prefix, the perk of being above Donator on Discord, and everything that celestial has.


HearthCraft is not in any way affiliated with Mojang AB or any of its affiliates.