The anniversary month has ended! Thank you for all the purchases.

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About HearthCraft

HearthCraft is a never-resetting economy SMP with non-pay-to-win perks giving people a place to call home since October 2018.


Please do not purchase anything if you are using money that you do not have permission to use and will charge back later or if buying anything will burden you in any way, especially financially and mentally. Do not buy anything if you have a gacha/lootbox addiction or will end up having your dependents (spouse, child, etc.) suffer! Spend your money wisely!

Welcome to the official store of HearthCraft! Here you can buy in-game ranks and other products for real-life currency. 

Understand the following before purchasing anything:

  • All the products you can find here are non-pay-to-win, meaning that you will not gain any non-cosmetic advantage over other players by buying anything on this store. Please only purchase anything if you truly wish to support the server, and don't let HC become a financial burden for you. 
  • You may ask a staff member to ban you from spending money on this store at any time. 
  • When you buy something on this store, understand that you are technically making a purchase of a digital product, NOT being handed a complementary prize for "donating". As such, you are protected by consumer rights. 
  • Charging back a purchase will lead to a ban. A chargeback will not cause us to lose money as we are insured by Tebex Ltd.
  • Purchasing anything, no matter how much, will not exempt you from punishments or make punishments softer when you break the rules.
  • If you purchase something, you will be featured as a recent buyer on this site! If you would like to purchase something anoymously, contact us.
  • We acknowledge that aside from the products here, you may consider HC as having indirectly pay-to-win aspects such as alts being allowed or you may argue that having money to spend on keyalls will statisically make you miss less keyalls. We do not claim that HC as a server. is 100% non-pay-to-win, we only claim that we have a non-pay-to-win store and rank system.

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Payment Methods

We accept 60+ payment methods through Tebex Checkout, most notably PayPal and card payments. Please make sure that you entered the correct username before you purchase anything!


HearthCraft has always been and still is a for-profit project. While we condemn predatory, deceptive, and pay-to-win business, the server owner does profit from the server and spends the money on personal and educational expenses at a university. You are free to instead participate in events that give store credits as a reward if you are not fine with that. 

About the server owner

The server owner, commonly called "Si", is studying an undergraduate program for Computer Science at a Philippine state university. While he does not pay any tuition expense and even gets a monthly handout, at times the cost of the following, but not limited to the following, can be excessive:

  • Accomodation and utility
  • Food
  • Transportation
  • Materials (books, printing, supplies)
  • Connectivity/gadget expenses
  • Software subscriptions


Every month, the server needs to pay $170 to for our 5800X, 2TB SSD machine every 8th of the month, 12.5 GBP on this webstore, $6 for our ticket system, and sometimes a bit more when we buy plugins and other resources or host events that give real money as rewards. That equates to around $200 per month. The dedicated server that we rent is sometimes used for other purposes such as personal Minecraft servers, Discord bots unaffiliated with HC, and websites aside from the official HC one. The profits from this store are partially used to pay for these expenses, and we actively try to optimize the server to lower these expenses. 

Reward for being the monthly top customer

The top customer of every month will have a 1-month access to the MVP rank, which has /kittycannon, an exclusive role and prefix, and everything that the top rank has. Winners also will have 30 days from the announcement of the month's MVP to create an approved tag for the tag crate by contacting staff.

Purchasing with cryptocurrency

If you wish to purchase using cryptocurrency, you may contact the owner to arrange a manual transaction in the $BTC address bc1qavcq22y4c3vc6xxne3rawwjavs0hcdy7mmc7d0, the $DOGE address DGvgXuC6eiqjVroV1jcKT7iJUtaedLuuxh, or a currency that both parties agree upon